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Artist Statement

The body is the epicenter of who we are. It is our temple through which we engage in the world around us physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a result, we develop both our perceptions and sense of self, making our bodies a reflection of our inner being. My work pertains to these concepts through the use of my own body, allowing me to examine identity politics (both physically as well as ubiquitously).

A craftsperson, by trade, my work focuses on the multimedia offered through Printmaking and Metalsmithing. I investigate the limitations of my own body through the use of different materials and methods, in addition to creating designs/images that question society's aesthetics. My pieces are organic, voluptuous, aggressive, and constraining. The materials are raw (wood, stone, bone, hair, etc) and the methods are methodical (on the verge of ritualistic). The combination of the materials and process I choose, continually relate to and emphasize, the body as a core of consciousness.

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